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About Cthulhu Wiki[]

  • Goal: To index and describe all the creatures, tomes, locations, and persons involved in the Cthulhu Mythos, as written by H.P. Lovecraft and his contemporaries and disciples.
  • Exceptions: Lovecraft himself was unimpressed with the linking of various eldritch entities with the classical elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), so preferably this information will not be included, or at most, included as optional information or trivia.
  • Sourcing: Lovecraft's works are, of course, the primary source and should be treated as such.
  • Behavior: We use Wikia's Terms of Use and related policies verbatim, with no changes.
You are welcome to be "in theme" in your messages, but please make sure all messages comply with Wikia's Terms of Use. We consider "Cthulhu shall eat your soul" more of an eventualist statement than a threat. :)
  • Image uploads CC-BY-SA and derivs, GFDL, GPL, any form of public domain, fine with me.
If you do a sketch and upload it, please place it in a category so others can find it. More a request than a policy, really.
If you manage to take a photo of one of these critters in RL, kudos to you. Photos accepted only if they cost viewers less than 1d10 SAN, so our contributors don't ALL go insane.
  • Please use the article talkpage for discussing the article, use the forums to discuss the contents. 'ppreciate it. :)