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Welcome, {{PAGENAME}}!!!!1!

In all seriousness, EVula...


So, yeah, you've been promoted, and stuff... Don't go power-crazy. :)

We have to keep our visitors here so they can be sacrificed later. *nods seriously*

Site design

I'm thinking a tentacley Cthulhu-head for the logo, with nice long tentacles slithering down behind the toolboxes. Ichor-green for the background of pages, obviously.

You can see an example of this sort of styling at


Logos are at:

  • Wiki (150x150px), for older skins, and
  • Wiki wide (266x75px), for new skins (quartzslate & smoke)

As far as the skins go, I'd say focus the creepy-crawly changes in Monobook, that way people don't have to experience it if they don't want to. Best to leave a note to that effect, though, or just wait until there's a community (I hope!) so we can have people using other skins decide. I'm not pushing anyone into it and not letting them out, unlike Our Great Master. :D


What'cha think of these?

  • Bots => Formless Spawn
  • Sysops =>
  • Bureaucrats =>
  • checkusers =>
  • staff => Elder God
  • oversight => Keeper of Secrets
  • rollback =>
  • forumadmin =>
  • janitor => Servitor (I just like the name)


I've made Template:Creature so far. I know, I know, all this and no articles yet: I'd like to get a few things tweaked just so, so that way when people join up, they'll be interested in the site and stay joined. I bet if nothing else, we can make this a very unique and enjoyable wiki to visit on Halloween. :D


I figure, so far, that if we don't allow people to add trivia sections (though in the case of Cthulhu, it'd be best to make another article on that) then they might not want to stay. Hmm.

If you come up with any other ideas, let me know. :) Kylu 07:18, 6 September 2007 (UTC)

The power, the power...
I'll start mucking around with the code at some point next week. Shakespeare in the Park will be wrapping up this weekend, and I'll have a bit more spare time after that. Yay.
Are you thinking of the green for the main background of the site (which is usually this: [1]), or do you want the background of the articles to be colored as well? EVula // talk // 13:34, 6 September 2007 (UTC)
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